Ass Fashion and the Coochie Craze


Oh my God! I want one I want one I want one! Where was I when this craze hit Japan? How can I be so out of the ass-fashion loop? What good is my porny job if I don't know the latest in ass-fashions? What's the point, dear Lord, what's the point?

I'm absolutely trauamatized that those came out in February and I didn't know until today. Now, as for these, well, I already own three:

The thing I really like about these particular cooch fashions is that you can wear the pussy pant suit Monday and the pussy dress Tuesday. It's not like that puke green sweater that makes every one sigh belligerently "You just wore that!" They have different coochie outfits for every day of the week! God bless.

Okay, the ass skirts? Not real. They're based on the popular tittie scarves (scroll down) that make Japanese women laugh like hyenas. But the coochie dress? For sure.

Honestly, I'd trade it all to wear one of these bad boys:

Angora rabbits: keepin' you warm while nibblin' on your ear. And THOSE crazy things ARE real. That's as hot as it gets.

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