Stinky Stanky Smelly Sidewalk Day


Hmmm. Just got a weird call from our keyboardist, who not only cancelled rehearsal today, but who said she felt weird about the keyboard she's been using and doesn't want to play until she gets another one.

Suspicious, but maybe I'm paranoid. Sounds to me like a lame excuse, perhaps a pre-quit notion. I'll keep you posted, as I know you're dying to know the outcome. Ha ha.

And now, here's the refrain to the song I wrote yesterday:

Oh shit I think I felt a drop of rain.
I wish that I had someone else to blame.
But could you shut the fuck up and get out of my way
Cause it's a pissy bitch and moanin' kind of day.


And to the fabulously awesomely super cool person who's dying to hear the album I did with the dj boys, um, over a year ago....we were signed to Spundae and they're trying to find distribution for it. Still. I can't upload the mp3's or burn copies or anything because the CD hasn't been released, but I wonder if Spundae will EVER release it. Believe you me, I'll be linking that shit up all over the place the day it happens. Thanks for keepin' the faith.

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