Bad Movies, Bad Songs and Happy Cats


Okie Dokie. Saturday afternoon, lunchtime. Usually we turn on the history channel and watch Coliseum this and Cleopatra that, but today I decided I didn't want to watch people dig in the dirt while I was eating, so we found a movie on red-blooded American cable. Bringing Down the House, with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, is completely and utterly disastrous. I'm talking Howard the Duck bad. Seriously.

But I feel like a tired, wasted dog today and even though I always have oodles of bs to accomplish, I did nothing but watch that train wreck movie followed by Serendipity, which ordinarily would've made me bang my head into a wall, but on the tail of BDTH, I found it kind of, ahem, entertaining. Then I finished my book. Now I'm here.

The bad news: Work has been draining me and my eyes are getting totally fucking worse. I feel low on enthusiasm and socially inept. My pool game has been sucking, orchestra has been intimidating, the doggie is fine for now but doom is imminent, and my mom's MS is getting so bad she doesn't want to get out of bed ever again because there's no point. I hear you.

The good news: Of course, it's not always that bad. I have some laughs, some music, some friends. I have two cute cats to entertain me, and one of them I can even hold, pet and drag around the carpet. I have a Lady Friend to cook my tasty treats, a car, a huffy, a nice apartment and a big gay city.

Speaking of bad times, my brilliant manic friend UnrulyBeast moved from SF to NY in December with her girlfriend, and in between closet-sized cockroach-infested apartments, sardined-in-grime subways and piles of dirty snow, they broke up. SHE is having a hard go of it, she knows tough times. Give her love.

I'm making a compilation disc of my songs for one of my friends, so I just took a little trip down depressed-songstress-gets-funky lane. Man oh man. I have one song about a breakup/Kosovo (you can combine these things and parse metaphors galore in the ill-fated arts) that made me all sad again. AT LEAST I never recorded (or I think even wrote down the lyrics to) one of my first hyper-angsty tunes: Little Dead Girl. Ha! The drama, kids, the drama.

No, now I just cover Tom Waits and chain-smoke. All grown up.

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