Fuckhead Fuckers (and Other Happy Tales)


Well, I'll be a fucky. I can't believe Bush won. I can't believe middle America is so swept up in eating his load of horseshit. Not everyone, I know, not everyone. Even 40% of the kind folks in Kentucky voted for Kerry. But how is it that the majority of our country is so stupid and blind? Is it really worth screwing over the world, the environment, and the future to preserve your goddamn tax cut?

They said states that went democratic are concerned about the war, the environment and jobs. They said states that went republican are concerned about faith.

Fuck your fucking faith your fuckhead fuckers! That's what our founding fathers said. Kind of. We're NOT supposed to be concerned about having a president so deluded he believes he's been ordained by God. It's right there in our Constitution.

Speaking of the Constitution, keep you eye on that one. It's gonna disappear shortly.


But, as angry as I am, as bad as MY day was yesterday, it didn't suck as much as Elizabeth Edward's day. The woman who was supposed to become the Second Lady instead was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. Seriously. Ass.

That story appeared just above "New Puppy to Pad Around White House" on cnn.com. Just the facts from America's #1 news source.

Post-election trauma syndrome is supposedly a real deal, and there are a bunch of shrinks in DC who specialize in it. One site I found discusses it in depth, tenderly stating "Not only has their candidate lost but their hopes and dreams concerning the future have crashed and burned."

Um, yeah.

Depressing. Also depressing, I performed at another memorial service last weekend. This time, two friends of mine, J & C (who have been lovers for 12 years), went to Ohio. J's mother had died, and they were there for the funeral. While there, C died. Fucking tough times, people.

So, to lighten the mood, I am re-publishing a snippet of my recent interview with a latex superstar. She's up for Pl*ayboy Model of the Year, people! As Paris would say, Hot.

Beta: You're pierced on all over, including on your labia. How has that affected your, um, life?

Hottie: I got my first piercings when I was fifteen, 8 in each ear. A few months later, I had my right nipple and belly button pierced, way before it started to be popular. Later, in my 20's, I got pierced on my labia and than on the hood of the clit. But that last one was removed a few weeks afterwards because it was too painful and had difficulty healing. Now, my labia's holes don't close so I can take them off as I want. It doesn't affect really my sex life because there is no sexual sensibility there. Labia is just skin, its not the clit. But it's damn sexy!!

Beta: Gulp! Sure is! You've openly discussed your implants and their effect on your psyche. How have they affected your work in front of the camera?

Hottie: Well, I'll be honest, it sure helped my career. My natural breasts were sagging because of all the training at the gym. The implants really helped a lot to make them look better. I had troubles with my first saline implants so I went back for bigger, silicone implants. I think this size balances my curvy hips. I don't think It would have been possible for me to have done the cover of Playboy with sagging, tiny boobs.

Beta: You've done quite a few shoots in hoods and masks? How do you feel about them?

Hottie: It took me a long time to decide to try them on. I was associating masks and hoods with war, violence and rapes. But after seeing people wearing them in the fetish scene and after I saw some really great photos, I started to look at them more like art pieces and a good challenge to express myself differently without always showing my face. I think masks can make me look like a sculpture or a doll, especially the ones without a face.

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