Star Mother Fucker


Well well, ma petites. Me been gone long time. Remember that album I did a 3-song collaboration on with some superstar DJ types? I just got word that the release party is at Virgin on June 23rd, so if all y'all are in SF, come by and meet this Bitch. ALSO, you can finally check out some track samples from the boys' site here. I co-wrote and sing tracks 2, 3, and 7...though the sample they uploaded of track 2 only has a second of me at the end. I DON'T CARE, IT'S FUCKING HOT. Even Paul Oaklenfold said so, so diggity damn.

Is exciting, non?

If you're like really so totally wet and into it that you wanna be my star fucker, that's cool, cause I got more stuff on the way, mother fuckers. In the meantime you can read the pdf press release here. They had a nice couple sentences about me on the second page.

Otherwise: I'm very fed up with my job, I saw a Bitch and Animal concert, I watched a guy die on the sidewalk (paramedics were trying, okay, so I wasn't just staring and laughing or anything), I worked out some more accordion parts, I ate nutter butters, I vowed to buy fake eyelashes very soon, I argued with stupid people about slavery, the war and our president, I didn't get yelled at in orchestra (is my time up? cue foreboding music.), I scored an email interview with my favorite fetish model and I was terribly neglectful of my diary. For shame.

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